Mechanisms of sofa beds

Choosing among the various kinds of transformation of couches, you need to take into account whether you want to flex the bed each day, or only periodically, when guests come to the house.

The leaflet (“click-clack”)

Mechanism: to unfold the sofa, lift the chair and pull it towards you. This is just a trusted, time-tested mechanism for carrying the couch.


  • Three places of the back: sittingdown,”relax” (the intermediate posture together with half an back).
  • As a rule, it is possible to provide a linen drawer.
  • The sleeping place is level, without”kinks”.

    Mechanism: The seat is pulled forward, after which the back of the settee is slowly lowered. In reality, these mechanics of folding sofas and mechanisms is tough to predict: the seat is transferred out by slipping on railings, the spine is lowered in manual style.

    Pros of

    Durability: the simplicity of the mechanism of folding sofa excludes breakages.
    A big selection of sizes.

    Large linen drawer because of this lack of internal parts of the mechanism.

    Smooth sleeping surface.